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Innovation is not just integrated into our name but is a part of our DNA.  Our courses are continually updated with the latest research and trends to help you stay ahead.

Forward Thinking

To help you grow and transform yourself and your business, we stay ahead of the trend curve regarding business practices and product delivery methods.


We are a leading UK based company with a proven track record for delivering inspirational Leadership, Management, Sales, LinkedIn and Presentation Skills training that achieves results.

Our Story

Since 2011, The Audacious Company has been creating & delivering innovative, bold and forward-thinking training programs.  These are not the usual, same-old, worn-out leadership, management and sales course.

Our courses and programs are tailored to meet the uniqueness of your business and environment.  They are designed to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER you to be better than you already are.

Every course or program we create and deliver is conceived in practical, real-world needs to help you see the success you want.

And although we recognize and continuously adapt to the constant changes in the business environment, with growth in online sales, web-based applications, social media, remote workers and flexible hours, our mission has not changed: To create and deliver education focused training which is bold, innovative, inventive and unconstrained by previous ideas.  That is Audacious Training.

We began The Audacious Company by focusing on SME’s, but our client base has grown and now range from a small IFA firm with 1 staff member and the owner working out of a second bedroom in Mid Devon to mid-sized city IT firms and FTSE 100 corporates.

What You Can Expect




Training which could Shape your Future

Innovative, Tailored Solutions

Thought-Provoking Discussions

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