Bespoke In-House LinkedIn Workshops

‘There is a natural progression to life: plant, cultivate, harvest’ 

As a business tool, LinkedIn works well with the natural progression of life, allowing you to plant by finding and connecting with your perfect future client, cultivate by engaging and developing strong, long-term relationships and to harvest by converting your connections into clients.

My bespoke, in-house courses are designed around your business and work in close relationship with your social media strategy as well as your overall business strategy.

Together, with you and your team, we will create a specific LinkedIn connection and engagement strategy which works, develop an effective plan to deliver on that strategy, build individual profiles which attract attention and position each person in your team as an influencer within your marketplace.

In these workshops you will learn:

A strategic approach to Linkedin

In this course, you will discover a strategic approach to using LinkedIn and this approach can and will benefit you and your business.  It will set you on the road to be effective and successful in your connection and engagement process, as well as help you set milestones to measure your progress.

Create a profile for maximum visibility

Your Linkedin profile is the first impression most people will get of you and what you represent.  To win, you need to have a profile which is keyword focus, optimised for search and to create influence within your marketplace.  Setting up your profile is of critical importance.

Find your perfect future client

You will learn how to know who your perfect future clients are and how to find, connect and engage with them.  With over 500 million profiles on the platform, it can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to use the search functionality, hashtags and communities.

For more information:

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