LinkedIn For Business Growth

Maximise your Business Growth & Development
opportunities by harnessing
the power of LinkedIn.

In business and in life, relationships matter more than most other things.  And this is even truer in today’s fast-paced, complex and dynamic business environment.

Most people seek out ideas and insights from the professionals and brands they have come to trust.

And LinkedIn provides the platform through which to develop new relationships, enhance existing relationships and showcase your brand and professionalism.

However, although most people are aware of the significant role LinkedIn plays in business today, only a very small percentage use it effectively or harness the opportunities it provides for business growth and development.

To ensure that your LinkedIn presence and contribution is valuable, grows your brand recognition and allows you to harness the opportunities LinkedIn provides, we have designed this experience-based course, ‘How to use LinkedIn for Business Growth.’

Since 2011, I have used LinkedIn as my primary source for growing my network, developing new connections and creating business opportunities, in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States and the Far East.

Course Content

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to develop a strategic plan for LinkedIn success.
  • How to design your profile to attract maximum attention from the right people.
  • Why endorsements and recommendations are critical to your LinkedIn success.
  • How to use the search functionality effectively.
  • The value of hashtags, @ mentions and photos.  I will show how, why and when to use them and what effect they have on your interaction and engagement.
  • How to use articles and posts to position yourself as an expert in your field, write attention-grabbing headlines and how to incorporate links.
  • The value of building a professional network which is engaged and responsive.
  • How to set up and manage a company page and showcase pages.
  • The massive value of SlideShare and how you can use it to engage your current clients and attract new prospects.
  • The 20-minute-a-day system to prevent overload.

What course attendees have said:

“I recently undertook a specialist course given by Vic, designed to increase business growth. What can I say? The course itself was informative, in-depth and had an excellent structure and content. Crucially it was relevant to helping to drive forward my future business and was delivered in a straightforward and interesting way with lots of follow up support.”  Chloe Hughes

“Attended How to use LinkedIn for business growth recently with 7 of my staff.  I never knew LinkedIn could give so much and that there were so many ways of engaging with our prospects and clients.  We all came away with strong plans of how we are going to use LinkedIn in the future.”  Graham Dodd

“Vic delivered a Maximising LinkedIn for Business workshop recently which I organised and also attended. Vic demonstrated his professionalism and knowledge, and the feedback from attendees was very positive. I look forward to hearing him speak again, and I would thoroughly recommend business people attend future workshops and/or contact Vic to discuss how he can help their business grow and thrive.”  Linda Bennett-Smith

“Since attending this course 3 months ago, I have increased the number of targeted connections, but reduced the number of overall connection I have. The result has been a massive increase in activity and engagement with my network. Thanks Vic.”  Jamie Hanson

“Thought-provoking insights which have changed my perspective completely. This training day was incredibly engaging and valuable for me and the team. We have already begun to implement our strategic plan in the marketing team.”  Gustav Kleinhans

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