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I help shape you and your business through SHIFT3 coaching and bold, innovative training designed to enhance the delivery of your success.

The 3 main reasons why SME business owners and Work-From-Home Entrepreneurs engage a high performing coach are:

  • To develop high potential and to facilitate transition
  • To act as a sounding board who has an outside perspective
  • To help address derailing behaviour

Discover how the SHIFT3 NeuroCoaching method will help you transform your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT, and will help you understand the 5 key elements which will transform your life and scale your business growth in 90-days.

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To move from your comfort zone into your growth zone, you need to create shift in your life and in your business. Join the Tribe membership today.

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Online LinkedIn, Leadership, Management and Sales training which will give you the skills, tools and techniques you need to be highly effective, shape your future, transform your management and unlock your full potential.

Vic Williams NeuroCoach

Speaker, Author and Change Consultant.

My keynotes are currently delivered virtually and include:

  • Developing the SHIFT3 Edge
  • NeuroStrategy – The art of building a brain-based business
  • F.L.O.W.
  • NeuroEconomics for SME Business Owners and WFH Entrepreneurs