5 LinkedIn Features Which Could be a Game Changer for You

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Like most good businesses and social media platforms, LinkedIn is continuously evolving and changing to meet the demands of the user network and their own strategic requirements.  And as with all things, some things work and others don’t.  Some are hugely successful and some never get past the starting line of beta testing.
Some of the changes which LinkedIn has made over the past few years have raised a few eyebrows with many users asking the most obvious questions, ‘Why did you do that?’ or ‘How does that benefit me?’  While a few of the changes or evolution’s have had most users asking, ‘What the heck were you thinking when you decided to change or remove that functionality.’
However, in most circumstances, the changes, removals or additions have proven to be the right thing at the right time.  We need only think back to the major makeover of Jan 2017.  This was not just an ordinary bit of nip-and-tuck, nose-job or chest implant.  This was the full monty.  All change making the site cleaner, easier to navigate and a whole lot faster.  As far as major changes go, it worked and it makes sense.
There are also some areas LinkedIn could improve on or functionalities which are a bit awkward.  For example, they are slow to the party when it comes to native video and are, in my opinion, still behind the 8-ball without having a live option.
With that in mind, here are 5 LinkedIn features which could be a game changer for you and your business.
  • Share a draft before publishing

One of the feature LinkedIn added but seemingly did not announce was the ability to share a draft of your LinkedIn article with your network before you publish it.  Although this has been available for sometime, it seems very few people use it’s functionality and therefore miss out on its advantages.
So how can you use it and what advantages could it hold for your published article?
Firstly, it would allow you to determine the value of the content to your audience.  One of the questions you could be asking those to whom you send a draft is,’Is this article the type of content which helps you?’
Secondly, it allows you to gain the perspectives of other people which could help you improve the content with their comments and suggestions.
And thirdly, it is a great option for proofreading as multiple eyes could see what you have missed.
To make use of this feature, complete your draft article and save, click on the ‘More’ button on the top right-hand side of your article and navigate down to ‘Share Draft’ and click.  A pop-up window will open with a URL to the draft article.  Click copy and send that URL to your connections for their review and feedback.


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  • Audio messaging or ‘Voice Mail’

So the idea here is to give you the ability to communicate longer messages with your connections by voice rather than typing them out.  Now it appears this is in roll out phase as I know many people don’t seem to have it yet.
However, I think this is a brilliant option as it is an easy to use way in which you can get off a quick message while you may be between meetings and don’t have time to type out your message or if you are stuck in traffic and need to get an urgent message to your client, but can’t call or type the message.  You may be walking and need to get an in-depth message to a client or colleague.
It has any number of uses and can be a huge advantage if it is used correctly.  If you follow the link below to the LinkedIn blog, you will be shown how to make this function work as soon as you have it on your mobile app. ‘
  • Your communities and Hashtags to follow

On the left-hand side of your LinkedIn desktop page or in the ‘list’ or hamburger menu on the top right-hand side of your home screen on mobile, you have the ability to follow and pin hashtags.
Why would you want to do that? Because it gives you easy access to engage with posts and articles which feature the topics you want to engage with or get information from.  Based on the type of posts you have previously engaged with, the algorithm will make some assumptions as to the hashtags you may want to follow, but you also have the option to manage the process yourself and to customise your feed to make more sense.
However, if you want the best use of this option, then you need to have a proper hashtag strategy which works in association with your overall social media strategy.
  • Find Nearby

This is a great feature which is available on the mobile app, which allows you to discover and connect with people who are nearby you and have a LinkedIn profile.
The idea is that you would use this feature at networking events, meetings and conferences.  It is a social engagement feature which will never replace the business card, but unlike most business cards which lay unused in your desk drawer, you can continue your engagement with the person immediately during or after the event.
It uses your phones Bluetooth function and needs to be manually turned on, but once activated you will discover all other profiles which are activated at the event or in the area.  It could also be a great tool to find the people you may want to talk with or begin some kind of engagement with at the event, but don’t know if they are there.
  • Off-LinkedIn Visibility

There are few new privacy settings on LinkedIn and one of them is the ‘off-LinkedIn visibility’ function.  This feature is automatically set to ‘Yes’, and allows people to draw your information into programs such as Outlook, Evernote and other permitted services.  Remember, Microsoft owns LinkedIn and there is a slow, but marked integration with Microsoft products.  And this is another feature which is a part of that process.
So there are 5 feature which if used correctly, could be a game changer for you as you use LinkedIn to the maximum in developing and growing your business.
I have included a link to our unique LinkedIn Profile checklist.


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