5 Reasons Perseverance is a Major to a Life of Success

Perseverance and personal development

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.” JK Rowling.

Many people wonder if they will ever overcome their current circumstances, their family history or their background or even their own past failure.  They wonder if they will ever reach the goals that they have set for themselves.  I have counseled many people who at the point of giving up because they don’t know if they can take any more.

Here’s a fact that every person who has ever become successful knows and understands.  In order to reach the top in any field you choose, perseverance is not negotiable.  The ability to hang in against the odds is the foundation on which success is built.

The story is told of a man whose family had lost everything in the early years of his life.  As a result, he spent most of his childhood and teen years living in a single room house.  They were exceptionally poor and this man therefore had little formal education.  It must have been extremely difficult growing up in a one room home with a father, mother and his siblings and then at the age of 9, his mother died.

Although prior to losing everything, his father had been a wealthy businessman, he lacked the education needed to get a decent job which paid enough to take care of his family and as a result, our man was forced to find a job to help support the family.  Until the age of 21, he gave his entire salary to his father to help in this support.

After his 21 birthday, he decided to seek ‘a better life’ for himself and struck out on his own. Without much formal education, like his father, he found his opportunities limited, but finally took work as store clerk.  His lack of education also prevented him from entering law school and initially from pursuing a career in law.  With a dream in mind he became an avid reader and became self-educated.

His first foray into the world of business ended in financial disaster, taking him 17 years to settle the debt created.  At the age of 23, he entered the political arena and lost.  He married into a wealthy family and had 4 children, only one of whom lived past the age of 18.  Two of his children dying before their 12 birthdays.  This resulted in him suffering extreme depression by the age of 27 and his wife was eventually committed to a mental institution.

Between the ages of 30 and 50, he lost different 7 elections!  In this time he did get elected once but lost the re-election campaign.  Talk about perseverance!

However, at the age of 51, he was elected the 16th President of the United States of America and in the process became the country’s first Republican President.  This man, who endured such hardship and difficulty during his life, has been recognised as one of the greatest presidents in the country’s history, is spoken of with reverence and his words and deeds are internationally recognised.

This story is of course about Abraham Lincoln.

And is a story of incredible resilience and perseverance, but he is not alone or unique throughout history for ‘hanging in until.’  Everyday day we hear stories of incredible long-term feats of endurance against the fiercest of odds.  From Helen Keller and Edmund Hillary though to Nelson Mandela and Joe and Mary Blogs.

“Who is Joe and Mary Blogs?  Never heard of them!”

Oh yes you have.  The names have just been changed.  They are no one other than you!

You see each of these people are ordinary, everyday people who have ‘hung in until.’  That is what has made them extra-ordinary.  None of them were born with skills that made them special.  They simply learned what they needed to learn and then applied those skills and competencies until their dream became a reality.

And you can too.  Education, family background or money should never hinder you from reaching your dream.

Perseverance is the key that unlocks the door to your dreams.  Even lottery winners had to persevere until they win.

So, here are 5 reason why perseverance is the major key which will unlock the success you deserve:

  • Perseverance develops character
  • Perseverance develops self-confidence
  • Perseverance develops resilience
  • Perseverance develops trustworthiness
  • Perseverance heightens motivation

You, and I do mean you, have all the ability to overcome the most incredible odds and become what you dream of becoming.  Perseverance in a nutshell, is simply holding on after other people have given up and then waiting for things to happen.

Never allow anyone to define what you can or can’t do.  If you have a dream that fires you up, then persevere and hang in until it becomes a reality.