5 Tops Tips That Will Get You Noticed on LinkedIn

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5 Tops Tips That Will Get You Noticed on LinkedIn

I have often been asked how to get noticed on LinkedIn.  There are many things that can be done, but I think they are really all wrapped up into these 5 top tips.

Tip 1:  Have a Plan

This is the place to start any journey.  You have to understand why you want to use LinkedIn and what you want to get out of it before using it.  I see thousands of profile pages on LinkedIn that have clearly had no thought put into them and are hugely ineffective. 

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Tip 2:  Create a Great Profile

This is a major challenge for most people.  Do you focus on self-promotion or do you focus on the firm you currently work for?  Should you advertise your contact details or should these remain private?  Should you have a professional photo or a more casual look?  What should the layout of your title be and detailed should your work history be?

These and many other questions will need to be carefully though-out before entering your details.  Things may change in the future and you want your profile to be adaptable to those changing circumstances.

Tip 3:  Develop Relevant Connections

Begin by searching your email list for contact in your niche or people you want to influence and, using the ‘Add Connections’ within LinkedIn, begin to add these people to your connections.  Developing further connections to people who are not currently on your contact list needs more thought, creativity focus.  Many people don’t understand the time frames involved and the consequences of sending out unsolicited or unqualified contact requests.

Tip 4:  Enter the Discussion

The best way to develop influence with the people you wish to influence is to get involved in the discussions that are on-going in your network.  You can get involved in the discussion by commenting on discussions posted by your connections, posts liked or commented on which are outside of your immediate network or you can begin a discussion on a topic that is relevant to what you do.

This is an opportunity to add value to your network, but also a place to discover challenges people face that you may have the answer for.

Tip 5:  Recommend People

Look for people on LinkedIn with whom you are well acquainted or with whom you have done business and after connecting with them on LinkedIn, recommend them by using the ‘recommend’ button located below each company they have worked for. 

 The chances are fairly good that they will reciprocate by recommending you.  This further raise your profile and credibility within the LinkedIn community and with those whom you wish to influence.

Although I  have not gone into much detail here, I will write further articles which will elaborate on each of these areas.

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