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Make your own kind of music. Sing your own special song.

‘Make your own kind of music’ originally sung by Mama Cass Elliott back in the late 1960’s and recently re-released by Paloma Faith, has an incredibly powerful message for both life and business.  It was the Paloma Faith version which caught my attention as the sentiments expressed in the song ring true for me in so many ways. …. READ MORE …..

The 4 most effective steps to establishing your credibility and influence using LinkedIn and how you can cash in on this huge opportunity.

If you are looking to grow your influence in your market or to develop and grow your credibility, LinkedIn is the most powerful business focused platform to help you achieve that.  Here are 4 tried and tested steps to get you going and keep you moving. …. READ MORE …..

Should I accept all the invitation requests I receive on LinkedIn?

I was asked this question after a recent networking event and I think the question is a valid one.  We all receive connection requests from people we don’t know, some receive a lot and other only a few, …. READ MORE …..

How To Create A Killer LinkedIn Personal Profile That Will Get You Noticed

It does not matter whether you are networking, gathering leads or looking for a job, having a LinkedIn profile, which is professional and attractive is an excellent way of ensuring you are found by the right people, at the right time, every time. READ MORE ….

Make The Best Use of LinkedIn Keywords For Maximum Visibility

Keywords are the life blood of search engines and of social media channels and LinkedIn is no exception.  LinkedIn keywords make your profile internally searchable and externally findable.  Without strategically using keywords, your LinkedIn … READ MORE ….

How to create Compelling Linkedin Company and Showcase Pages

Have you ever wondered how to create a compelling LinkedIn Company Page, attract followers and drive engagement with your products or services? Or ask yourself, how can you possibly stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn? … READ MORE ….

5 Timeless Tips: How To Give An Effective Presentation

Whether you are presenting to a sales team of 5, a boardroom full of shareholders or delivering the keynote address at a major conference to 5000 people these 5 timeless tips on how to give an effective presentation hold true. READ MORE ….

5 Features Which Could be a Game Changer for You

Like most good businesses and social media platforms, LinkedIn is continuously evolving and changing to meet the demands of the user network and their own strategic requirements.  And as with all things, some things work and others don’t.  READ MORE …..

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