Presentation Skills

It’s your time to find your voice,
stand up & speak
with confidence and passion.

Whether presenting to a public audience of 500 or to a boardroom of 5, there are skills that great presenters have developed which enhances the value of the presentation and creates engagement with their audience.

These are skills which can be learned and this course is designed to provide you with these skills.

Great presentations tell a story, which has a strong beginning and end, even when presenting year-end financial or endless statistics.  Visuals should be constructed to facilitate the story, but not lose the audience through ‘death-by-PowerPoint’ syndrome.

So if you want to inspire & motivate, give compelling presentations, win more new business or delivery a killer elevator pitch, we have the course for you.

You will learn how to develop and prepare your material and slides, calm your nerves, deliver your message with increasing impact and deal with interruptions, and difficult questions.

As this is a highly practical and interactive course, we keep our groups small, typically under 10, so that everyone gets the greatest level of personal attention possible.

Course Content

In this course, you will learn:


  • How to discover your unique voice.  Each person is unique in their vocal style and ability with words and this course will help you become comfortable with your style.
  • The 4 cornerstones of speaking and presenting whether to a small or a large group.
  • To understand your audience, adapt your presentation for each audience’s needs and to deliver the outcomes you want.
  • The filters of the audience and how to set the tone for your presentation.
  • The essential elements of an effective presentation which can be delivered with confidence, authority and presence, including how to use your vocal toolbox.  You will learn how to use register, timbre, prosody, pace, pitch and volume to instill confidence in the audience and maintain their attention during your presentation.
  • How to formulate a presentation strategy, storyboard your presentation and design a strong, interactive beginning and a powerful close.
  • How to construct supporting visuals which are engaging, but not distracting.
  • Practice techniques and pre-presentation exercises.
  • The 4 stages of presentation fear and how to overcome them effectively.
  • We will also look at how to deal with post-presentation questions and the 6 things to avoid when presenting.

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