Empowered Selling

Learn key strategies for maximum impact in today’s
complex, technology-driven
and crowded market-place.

Research backed sales training for
Audacious Rainmakers

Optimising your Sales Success

Why do some sales professionals consistently outsell their competitors?
Why do techniques like ‘Always Be Closing’ fail in today’s complex & informed marketplace?
How can sales professionals dramatically increase their sales volume & conversion rates?
The power of sales training & development can never be overstated.  When done well, you will be hard-pressed to find a better way to empower your sales professionals or to increase their commercial performance.
Sales professionals need to be fully empowered and equipped with the latest research, techniques and strategies which will enable them to react to their continually changing business environment and to strive for excellence.

Our Audacious Rainmaker Sales training courses combine the latest in neuroscience, human behaviour and benchmarks to help you and your team overcome a host of selling related challenges and to unlock all of the potential your market contains.

Irrespective of your industry or sales training requirements, our courses can provide the solutions, deliver measurable results and help you achieve your sales goals.

Sales Training Programs and Courses

Rainmaker Selling Program

Rainmaker Selling program is our core consultative sales program.  This comprehensive, multi-day program will teach your team how to lead conversations masterfully from the first touch point to an ongoing relationship.

Essential Selling Skills

Our Essentials Selling Skills course will give you the basics of selling and is a powerful foundation on which to build a sales career.

How to Sell Professional Services

Specifically designed for selling professional services, your team will learn how to excel in developing new business in this consultative sales course.

Tailored Sales Solutions

We understand that every business is unique and therefore has unique requirements.  We will take the time to understand your business strategy, products or services, people, customers and marketplace.  If one of our courses don’t completely meet your requirements, we will tailor make a solution for you.

Using our proven methodology, we will design a program to empower your sales team across a wide range of measurable sales metrics.  From getting more appointments and increasing conversion rates to selling at higher profit margins.