How To Create A Compelling LinkedIn Company Page

Building Your Business Brand

Have you ever wondered how to create a compelling LinkedIn Company Page, attract followers and drive engagement with your products or services? Or you may have asked yourself, with over 13 million company pages on LinkedIn, how can you stand out from the crowd?

Research by LinkedIn shows that while brand recognition plays a role in the most successful and well know company pages, it is so much more than that.  Companies which have proven successful with the company page platform are those who have strategically engaged with the over 500 million LinkedIn users available to them worldwide.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Company And Showcase Guide

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They have strategically focused on interaction with their network, while growing their influence in accordance with their overall business strategy.

And this does not happen without a solid and focused presence on LinkedIn through utilising all the functionalities available.

So, whether you are a one-man-band solo-prenuer, small business owner or run a multinational corporation, having a solid personal profile, which is well constructed and attractive is a must. It means creating & posting compelling content and interacting with your network through your personal profile until you have built up enough of a following to introduce them to your company page.

Here is a 4 step process for creating a compelling LinkedIn company page:

  • Step 1: Strategy and planning

Before setting up your first company page, take time to develop a strategy for your engagement, the outcomes you want and how the process will work synergistically with your overall business strategy.
How does it fit with your marketing process? What role will it play in delivering information to your clients? How will you let your clients and prospects know they can find the information they need on the company or showcase pages? Will you include video, case studies, white papers, etc?
Your audience needs solutions and a well constructed and strategically planned LinkedIn company page with associated showcase pages is the ideal opportunity to provide information about the solutions you offer.
Creating a good strategic plan before you start, will allow you to begin in the right place and will give you the ability to accurately measure the success of your interaction on your LinkedIn company page.
  • Step 2: Setting up and building your page

To set up a company page, scroll to the bottom of the ‘Work’ tab in the header bar of your LinkedIn home page and follow the process, which includes your company name and URL (Your website address).  Add your logo, etc to begin creating an attractive profile.
In the admin view, set out your company description and add up to 20 specialties.
The company description allows you up to 2000 characters, so use this space to be as complete and as detailed as possible. Tell your followers what you do, how you do it and what problem they have which you can solve. Don’t forget to make this description as keyword focused as makes sense. For more about using keywords on LinkedIn, this article should help.
If you have any job vacancies or are looking for top talent, here is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the culture of the business as well as to advertise the job vacancies. You can do this by using the ‘Jobs’ and ‘Life’ tabs.
Keep in mind that there is no preview of your work as you build your company page. As soon as you publish your page, it is automatically live.
A part of setting up your company page is to create showcase pages. These provide you with the opportunity to focus specifically on the different products or services you offer. It is an opportunity to give more detailed information about each of your products or services.
The companies which have the greatest impact with their company pages are those that use showcase pages extensively, for example Microsoft, Amazon and Samsung.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Company And Showcase Guide

Click the link below to download a copy of the GUIDE.  It will help you set up your LinkedIn Company and Showcase pages for maximum effect.

You can create a showcase page by clicking on ‘admin tools’ in the top right hand corner of your Overview page.
Whether you manage or work for a large corporate or small sole trader, showcase pages are an effective tool to highlight the strengths and value of your products or services.
  • Step 3: Building & interacting with your community

If you have any employees with a LinkedIn profile, get them to be your first followers on your company page and showcase pages.  They can be very helpful in distributing the content you create.
And that is the place to start with your company page.  Content!  You can share content from LinkedIn Publisher or your blog and you can share updates, photos, videos and links in very much the same way as you do on the news feed of your personal profile.
The difference here would be to focus on your business in general.  You could share a post about a recent client win or a charity involvement your company had.  You can showcase individual staff members achievements or talk generally about how you can help clients overcome specific challenges.
This is what your company page followers expect to hear about your company.  Post updates about new products, innovations in your industry, share images and SlideShare. This is the space for promotion.
The same is true with showcase pages, but here you can be more specific with each product, group of products, division, service or group of services. Again, followers expect to hear about your company and the products or services you have.  Ask thought-provoking questions or ask your network for possible solutions to a challenge you have.
You could share inspirational quotes and link them to an explanation.  Ask for feedback on your thoughts.
Ask yourself, ‘What information would be valuable to my followers and clients?’  Then give them what you believe they want.  Be creative and bold.
In order to build traction and begin to grow your followers for your company page and your showcase pages, you could invite your connections to follow you and ask them to comment on your content by @mentioning them in the posts.  Use the opportunity to help them get to know your business better.
  • Step 4: Measure & adjust

The fourth step is to monitor, measure and adjust.  The fact is that it is impossible to know the success of a program unless it is monitored and measured, but to do so successfully means you need to have clear objectives and outcomes.  You need to know why you have a company page and showcase pages as well as what you want from the process.
Your interaction on these platforms needs to be strategic and LinkedIn provides you with an amazing amount of data which allows you to measure your performance.  However, if you have nothing to measure against, how will you ever know whether your company page is successful or not.
If you have not done it yet, go back to step 1, complete a strategic plan, redesign your company and showcase pages to meet the criteria you have set out and then get on with measuring your success.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Company And Showcase Guide

Click the link below to download a copy of the GUIDE.  It will help you set up your LinkedIn Company and Showcase pages for maximum effect.

So these are the 4 important steps to creating a compelling LinkedIn company page.

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