‘Nobody can tell ya,

There’s only one song worth singing.’

Mama Cass Elliott

Make your own kind of music.   Sing your own special song.

‘Make your own kind of music’  has an incredibly powerful message for both life and business.

‘Make your own kind of music’ originally sung by Mama Cass Elliott back in the late 1960’s and recently re-released by Paloma Faith, has an incredibly powerful message for both life and business.  It was the Paloma Faith version which caught my attention as the sentiments expressed in the song ring true for me in so many ways.

And these lyric particularly stood out to me after listening to a podcast in which the presenter, who is well regarded in their space, made some very strong and broad, sweeping statements which reflected his own perspective and represented these opinions as fact.  The podcast was a business focused podcast, which I have listened to on many occasions, but was this time particularly struck by what was said and implied.

Statements like, ‘No body cares, so don’t do it’ without understanding the listener may, and almost certainly should have, a different strategy and want a different outcome to the one the podcaster assumed everyone wants.

The opening lines of this song are, ‘Nobody can tell ya, There’s only one song worth singing.’  The fact is there is not only one way to run your business, make your life worth living, be successful.

You and I are unique.  We are individual and we should not be focused on being defined by other peoples ideas of what success looks like.

For example, what is an entrepreneur?  Is it the typical Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs type of person, who has started a business and made billions or is it the self-employed person working from home and supporting their family despite the challenges they face?  Get ten people in a room, ask that question and if they are all independent thinkers, you will get 10 different answers.  If they are not, you are likely to get very similar answers.

It is my belief that the word entrepreneur is not the person, but rather the motivation or spirit which the person has.  Its that drive within which says I will do this.  I will forge a path.  I will sing my own special song.  It is the entrepreneurial spirit that makes the entrepreneur.  But that is only my opinion.

Or what is success on a social media platform?  I use LinkedIn as my primary social media platform and business development tool.  But what is success on that platform?  Is it a post that gets a 1000 likes, 300 comments and 50 shares? or is it the post that gets 15 likes, 2 comments and no shares?  If you ask many LinkedIn trainers, they will tell you the first option is success but is it?

In my case, it would depend on what I want to achieve with the post and how it fits into my strategy.  If I write a post to attract the attention of a certain group of people and I get 2 comments from that group, then the post was successful.  However, if I get 300 comments from everyone except the people from that group, then that post is a failure.

Or you may think of life in general.  What does a life worth living look like for you?  It does not have to be adrenaline filled experience to be worth living.  For some people that is the right thing, but for others, it is not.  It is your life and you are the only one who can look back and judge it.

You see, you have to know where you are going and what success looks like for you.

You must sing your own special song, make your own kind of music, even if no one else sings along.

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