If you are not dyslexic, ADHD or have any other neurodiverse condition,

then this is NOT for you….

Flow States That Work For Dyslexic & ADHD Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

Seeking Alpha – The Neuroscience of High Performance For Dyslexic & ADHD Business Owners & Entrepreneurs will help you achieve your biggest goals in record time while helping you reclaim your time, financial and personal freedom.

Seeking Alpha High Performance For Dyslexic and ADHD Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

The Neuroscience of getting into and staying FLOW for Change Makers, Innovators, Leaders and Mavericks.

This is about High Performance for you if you have

Dyslexia or ADHD.  

What is Seeking Alpha and what does FLOW have to do with High Performance?

Alpha is an investment term used to describe a strategy’s ability to beat the market or to create an ‘edge’ over a sustained period.  It is a performance measurement to indicate that a strategy is high performing.

FLOW is described as a state in which a person becomes so fully immersed in an activity or task that time seems to fly and 2, 3 or more hours feels like 5 minutes.  In this state, every action, movement and thought follows almost inevitably from the previous one.

In a FLOW state, ‘your whole being is involved and you’re using your skills to the utmost.’ according to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi the father of FLOW.

Emotional regulation, fulfilment, happiness, intrinsic motivation, greater creativity learning and performance are all benefits of working in a flow state.

Hyperfocus, which can and often is a challenge for people with ADHD, and Flow may seem similar but are very different in a number of important ways.

People experiencing hyperfocus generally become so focused on the task or activity to the exclusion of everything else and it can and often does create negative effects to the person’s life and work.

Flow, by contrast, is a beneficial state of mind and energy which can contribute to ADHD’ers well-being and can be created while doing any task or activity, not just those you are highly interested in.

As someone with dyslexia and ADHD, I found all of the material, courses and books on the subject of Flow focused on neurotypical people and try as I might, I found getting into and staying in a Flow state, incredibly difficult on a good day and unworkable on a bad day.

So, after much study and research of the topic of Flow, I realised that using the idea of Alpha from my day’s in the financial and investment world, I could get into a Flow state in a very specific way and stay there until I completed the task I had set or needed to complete.

Seeking Alpha brings these to concepts together to help you and me get into Flow, perform at a high level as we reach our goals, reclaim our time, financial and personal freedom.

And while I am not a scientist, medical doctor, biologist, etc, I have read books, listened to podcasts, attend lectures and studied the subject of neuroscience and what I have discovered about dyslexia, ADHD, Flow and high Performance has further enhanced what this course is all about.

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Vic Williams speaking in Saudi Arabia about change management
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Who is the course for?

This course is for you if:

  • You are dyslexic or ADHD
  • You are Change Maker
  • You are an Innovator
  • You are Leader
  • You are Maverick
  • You want to reach higher in your business and life

This course will help you, regardless of your domain to benefit from a Flow State and deliver your best results.  It will help you to improve your productivity and amplify your decision-making in every area of life and business.

What people who have worked with me in the past have said about my coaching and training. These recommendations and more are available on my LinkedIn profile

Vic is a fantastic person to work with. He was always very positive and enthusiastic during our networking group sessions which he managed and coordinated. An extremely knowledgeable person in all major business areas and a great communicator of that knowledge often using real-life examples to make them more relatable. I would thoroughly recommend Vic as a mentor and as a business consultant.

I completed a digital selling course ran by Vic, the course was great with lots of key information. Vic always had time for questions and wouldn’t mind stopping to explain something in further for anyone. I would recommend Vic to anyone considering a digital sales course especially anything related to Linkedin where Vic’s experience and skills are second to none!

He’s the most open-minded trainer I ever attend, full of knowledge & interesting personality. During the training, he share thing not just base on the slides, he share with us his experience & how he overcome it. So basically, in his class, he show us the theory & his own experience on how he become one of the success business man. During the class, we share some of our idea where he came up with positive feedback. He gave us a transparent view. Where for me thats how it should be. He gave us wide view on “how, where, when, what”

Great to have someone like Vic to talk through challenges with, easy to relate with and make simple but powerful changes to my daily routine.

I have recently attended a number of Vic’s management courses and found them to be extremely empowering and confidence growing. Vic’s knowledge is seemingly immeasurable!

Vic is an inspirational leader with a deep knowledge of how to help people thrive both as individuals and as a business. His advice and leadership has been invaluable.